15 December 2010

Californians - Stand up for sustainable food

Below is an email from Slow Food USA. Please support them at:

I signed the petition and here is my message to Governor Jerry Brown:

Let's preserve the future!

Dear [Believer],
On the heels of our big win on child nutrition two weeks ago, we thought folks in California might like to know about an important opportunity to make California's food system better.
Our friends at Roots of Change are using the great opportunity of a new Governor to set the standard for healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Please read their email below and sign their petition for comprehensive legislation that supports healthy food and farms for all Californians.
The Slow Food USA team
--------- Email from Roots of Change -----------
Now that the election is over it’s time for the real work to begin. The sustainable food movement must seize this window of opportunity, when the governor’s agenda for the next four years is being set, to show the depth of concern about unhealthy food and agriculture in California.
If you think the California food system is broken this is your opportunity to be a part of fixing it. Make your voice heard by joining an unprecedented partnership between non-profit organizations from every sector of the sustainable food movement and the concerned citizens of California.
Click here to tell governor elect Jerry Brown to push for a healthy food and farming system in California:
After you sign the California Healthy Food and Agriculture Petition, you can have even more of an impact by forwarding this email to your friends and family who are also concerned about food. The combination of all of our voices will be one that cannot be ignored.
Thank you,
Roots of Change

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