16 December 2010

The Reuben of all Reubens, Part 1

I have a confession: I am a New York City virgin...until a recent visit last week. Wowee, NYC is the only city in the world! In my travels to and from all over the world, it always seem to transform into a culinary adventure and NYC surely demonstrates to be a fine foodie's playground.

Say hello to the Reuben on Rye at Katz's Deli:

Yes, I was hungry for an authentic New York Reuben from Katz's Deli but you would have been as well in the whirlwind experience I will now call "The Reuben-of-all-Reubens Shuffle."

The Dream:
Since 1888...let me repeat that...1888! Today is the last day of my NYC interlude and I am distraught! I don't want to leave but I'm nearing my last five dollars and the last thing I want to do is get mugged! Throughout the entire visit, one of my main goals was to fit in...fall in line...be an insider...to belong and feel special. Human truths...

But I blow my New York cover by snapping some pictures with my iPhone. Or did I? This queue in front of Katz's (and at the same time not for Katz's) seem to not notice my presence.

I go inside and the two "Katz's Deli bouncers" hand me a ticket, tell me not to lose or I will have to pay a $50 fine! Yikes! What have I gotten myself into?

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